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Taylor Mitchell

October 17, 2018

Taylor Mitchell age 10, born in Good ol' Hamilton, started his racing career at age 6, when mum and dad brought him his first go kart, a Cadet Raket. Taylor was always destined to be behind the wheel of something with 4 wheels and an engine, with both his Father and Grandfather heavily involved in New Zealand Motorsport.

Taylor ran 3 years in the Cadet Raket class, learning his race craft and what goes into running in a sport of this scale and involvement. These first few years were definitely a huge learning curve for someone Taylor's age, with a couple decent accidents, but Taylor being the kid he is, didn't give up on that dream of being a Race Car driver. He got 'back on the horse' and kept pushing himself to be better and learn from these events.

When Taylor turned 9, he stepped up into the highly competitive Mini Rok class, which was not only a step up in engine type and size, but also a step up from the Cadet chassis into the larger Mini Rok chassis. While this has been another large learning curve for Taylor, racing against much older kids, he has adapted well, and shows great signs of things to come.

Taylor now about to turn 11, will head into the 2019 season, with a year of racing in the Mini Rok under his belt and will look to expanding on his 2018 results, and with a few more trips around the North Island to expand his track knowledge.