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How We Build a Safe Trampoline

October 07, 2019

Safe Trampolines

Here at Jumpflex, we believe in creating trampolines from the ground up for safety, durability and fun. Since our launch in New Zealand in 2009, we have bounced from strength to strength! 

Designing Safe Trampolines

Our designs are perfect for the whole family to enjoy, with optimised functionality, sleek style, and innovative safety features. From the initial planning stages and careful sourcing of materials to the final product, safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

Child-Safe Trampolines

We value children and the joy and wonder they bring to the world. Our goal is to ensure your child is safe and happy when they use our signature Jumpflex trampolines and trampoline accessories.  

Months of testing and fine-tuning our innovative safety features have led to our trampolines earning the trust of thousands of families throughout New Zealand, Australia, USA and the United Kingdom. Our unique pole design, enclosed safety net, and safety pads are just three of the features that distinguish our trampolines from competitors.

Jumpflex is committed to promoting the welfare of children. We’re a proud supporter of PlunketKids Can, and Autism NZ, as well as local schools, community events and charities. We've also just partnered with the Kindness Collective and together we set up and donated a 14ft trampoline to a Satellite Unit for children with disabilities at a West Auckland Primary school. Read more here.

 Active outdoor play is proven to be a vital contributor to great childhood health – which is where our distinctive trampolines with enclosures come in.

Jumpflex Trampoline Safety Enclosures 

Safety enclosures are indispensable for creating a safe trampoline, which is why we include one on every Jumpflex trampoline for sale in Australia. A flexible, strong, supporting enclosure protects users from the dangers of falling to the ground or colliding with the trampoline’s poles.

We’ve all seen how other safety nets can become ripped and damaged - reducing the safety of the trampoline and looking unsightly. We think you deserve better.

So, we created an original safety net design using EndlessWeave™ Technology. This innovative material is soft to the touch, thanks to its knot-free construction. Our nets are woven from high-strength polyester and are 250% more durable than standard trampoline nets. Their tensile design helps to slow the user down and push them back into the centre if they happen to bounce outwards towards the poles.

Combined with our unique curved, padded poles, our nets greatly reduce the risk of pole collision injuries. And because our safety nets are resistant to weather, UV and fading, they will look great for years to come - rain or shine. The standard 3-year warranty for our safety pads and nets is already the longest on the market, but you can opt to double it to 6 years at the checkout for extra peace of mind. The frames of all our trampolines also come guaranteed with a 10-year warranty for manufacturing defects. 

Trampoline Safety Nets

Trampoline safety enclosures were introduced to the market in 1997. When used correctly, they are effective at preventing injuries from falling to the ground or colliding with poles. Safety nets work to redirect the jumper from the perimeter of the trampoline back to the centre of the jumping mat. Always use safety nets in conjunction with active adult supervision and recommended safe use guidelines.

Trampoline Safety Pads 

Our unique SafeSeal system ensures that the safety enclosure net seals the entire mat, minimising the risk of gap injuries. We believe we have engineered the best trampoline springs in Australia. Our 180mm extension, high tensile zinc-coated springs are over 10% longer than the cheaper springs used by our competitors. Combined with our durable jumping mat, our springs provide a stable foundation for deep bouncing and maximum airtime. We top our springs with high-density foam safety pads coated in durable vinyl, for extra protection where it matters most.

Trampoline Safety Mats

Jumpflex trampolines have been tested to withstand weights of 250kg, for the ultimate in safe bouncing fun for the whole family. Our trampoline safety mats are firmly secured with frames made from 42-gauge high tensile steel for a smooth, deep bounce. We also treat all our metal components with a 6-layer rust-proofing and durability process. Thorough inner and outer zinc galvanising - plus a UV-resistant black powder coat - creates a great, long-lasting look that will survive all weather conditions. 

Trampoline Safety FAQs

What makes a safe trampoline?

Safe trampolines have safety built into every inch. We created our signature trampolines with curved safety poles to allow more distance from the net. This allows for 200% more clearance, minimising pole collision dangers. Our EndlessWeave™ safety nets are secured with SafeSeal to minimise gap injuries and falls.

What are the safest trampolines?

The safest trampolines are built with families in mind, by a business that cares about its community and the welfare of children. From overall design to the smallest components, all the elements of Jumpflex trampolines are designed with safety in mind. 

Are trampolines with nets safe?

As with any physical activity, a risk of injury exists while trampolining. Safety net enclosures can help to reduce injury risks from falling off trampolines or colliding with poles. You can minimise the risk of injury by observing trampoline safety measures in combination with the safety net.

How safe are trampolines with nets?

When trampoline safety nets are used correctly, in combination with other features like safety pads, injury risk is kept to a minimum. We recommend that children are supervised continuously, with one user at a time jumping in the centre of the mat.