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Choosing the Perfect Kids' Trampoline

Finding the right kids' trampolines for your family can be a tricky prospect, with tons of important questions to consider.  Children's trampolines provide hours of fun and are one of their most treasured possessions, so finding the right one is important.  A safe trampoline with room for everyone is guaranteed to provide years of active fun.

Finding the Right Sized Children's Trampoline

Kids' trampolines come in a huge range of sizes, and picking the right one for your home is a little more complicated than “bigger is better” - especially if you don't want to waste money on one that's larger than you require.  When buying children's trampolines, consider the following things.

  • The size of your yard - your trampoline needs to fit in the available space.  Consider how much area the kids will have left to run around.  You don't want to use up all of the backyard real estate on one piece of equipment!  Also, check the positioning of your trampoline around any trees (to avoid leaves and twigs falling onto the jump mat).
  • The number of kids who will be jumping at once - How many little ones do you have, and do their friends and family often come over to play?  One person at a time is the safest way to use a trampoline - but if you know there will be multiple people bouncing at once, you'll want plenty of room on the net for them.
  • Sheer variety - It's not just small or large you have to choose from, as children's garden trampolines are offered in an array of sizes.  At Jumpflex, we sell the compact 8-foot Flex80, the 10-foot Flex100, the 12-foot Flex120.  After determining how your trampoline will be used, measure your yard and decide which one is ideal for the space you have.


Picking a Safe Kid's Trampoline

We completely understand and agree that the wellbeing of your precious ones comes first.  The entire Jumpflex range, from the smallest to the biggest children's trampolines, has been carefully equipped with all necessary safety measures.

First on the checklist is a kids' trampoline with a safety net for secure, enclosed jumping.  Especially with more than one child (or adult) on the tramp at a time, the risk of flying off the edge and landing on something considerably harder and less bouncy than the jump pad is very high.  This is where a safety net comes in.  Kids and trampolines are a much safer combination when you have a soft, durable net to keep everyone enclosed!

When you are searching for a trampoline that is safe for kids, we recommend looking for a notable feature – curved poles – that will reduce the risk of dangerous mid-air collisions with the net frame.  These are featured on the entire Jumpflex range, allowing space for jumping and acrobatics without the risk of coming into contact with a hard pole.

Overall trampoline strength should also be considered when choosing safe kids' trampolines, as you need a piece of play equipment that can withstand wear and tear - especially while your kids are bouncing on it!  Note the weight-load rating and the quality of the materials. Jumpflex trampolines use strong, durable, high-tensile 42-gauge steel tubing, and our UV-protected nets benefit from top-quality components.  You can find further information about our materials and more at your nearest retailer or online.

Value for money

Safety and size are the primary concerns when looking for the best children's trampoline, but of course, you'll also want to get the best possible value for your dollars.  One way to ensure you're getting a quality product worth its price tag is reading the honest reviews from previous purchasers.

Warranties are another thing to look out for when purchasing children's outdoor trampolines, as insurance for your investment.  With a comprehensive warranty, you can rest assured that your kids will enjoy many years of bouncing, without worrying about repair costs in case of misadventure.