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5 beautifully unique ways to celebrate Valentines Day with your family in 2020

February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day is all about love, so it gives you the perfect opportunity to create more love in your family

Here are some simple ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day, when you’re too busy, too broke, and maybe even too tired to remember that you really adore these people you live with.

1. Do away with bought gifts.

Valentine's Gifts are NEVER about the item or product. That can teach all the wrong lessons about love. Make this about the heart to heart expressions that build intimacy and connection. That means; handmade cards, extra loving time together, or back rubs; not purchased gifts.

2. Get up early.

Make a little extra time in the morning to have a family breakfast date. Share some of the things you love about each other or exchange some homemade cards.

3. Let your kids know your love is with them all day.

Hide love notes in their lunch box or school bag.

4. If you have agreed to give gifts, give a gift that matters.

Head to Oxfam and buy a family in need a goat! These gifts come with a cute print out card that explains why you have given this gift on their behalf, and why sharing the love with those in need matters:

5. Use this day to educate your family on love.

Whether you use this as a time to learn about all-inclusive love or talk to your kids about healthy boundaries, it’s a great time to have conversations about love and respect, and what they can do to spread joy and positivity.