Getting your Jumpflex trampoline ready for Winter!

6 January 2021 · Latest News

Winter is upon us so now is a great time to think about how to look after your trampoline over the winter season. Many people think that they should put their trampolines aside in winter but we think the opposite! Jumping over winter can be great exercise and the fresh air works wonders.. sometimes you just need a cosy jacket or a dressing gown on!

Top tip: Make sure the trampoline is dry, it may be a lot of fun when it’s slippery and wet but it could be an accident waiting to happen. Also we recommend having only one person jumping at a time, especially in winter.  

 Thanks to @mrsmeganward for sharing this great video

All of our trampolines are designed from the ground up with safety and fun in mind. The reason trampolines are so great for bouncing is the same reason they are prone to being picked up by the wind. The large, flat and flexible mats act like a wing or a sail, meaning a gust at the right (or rather, wrong) angle could pick it clean up off the ground. 

Here are some great tips on looking after your trampoline over winter

1. The UK can sometimes have wild weather with high winds and storms.  We have heard stories of trampolines coming to their demise from winds picking them up and hurling them through backyards, up trees, into houses and some really peculiar places! We recommend securing your trampoline down using our Jumpflex Anchor Kit™Like the rest of our trampoline accessories, the AnchorKit is designed to last and features heavy-duty corkscrew augers to keep your trampoline firmly in one place. Anchor kits are a great preventative against damage to your tramp and other property. An inexpensive way to protect your tramp and property, not to mention all the rigmarole with insurance companies!!

Please note: Our Anchor Kit is only a preventative measure and Jumpflex™ does not claim or guarantee that the ANCHORKIT™ will prevent your trampoline and or property from sustaining damage of any kind.

2. Buy a winter cover to protect your trampoline from the elements or simply get a tarpaulin and secure it down with bungee cords or rope. This will help decrease weathering, wear and tear. A great way of protecting your tramp and keeps it ready for next summer or on when there is a rare fine day! 

3.  Fill sacks with sand and place them over the feet or drive waratahs or stakes into the ground and secure your trampoline to these. 


 Thanks to @emfillerup for sharing this stunning photo.

4. Remove your safety net and safety net support poles. Your safety net can act like a sail creating resistance and friction against the wind. If you get sudden high winds, you can quickly detach the net from the top of the safety poles and lay it down on the jumping mat. The poles can stay up in all but the highest winds.

5. After heavy snow falls make sure you clear the snow off your trampoline with a soft bristle brush. If snow is left on the surface the weight can stretch the springs on your trampoline. You could even give your trampoline a full spring clean. Check out our top tips here.

 6. If the winter season is too much for your trampoline, we recommend disassembling and storing your trampoline in a dry place.