What makes a good kids trampoline?

3 July 2024 · Latest News
Little girl bouncing on kids trampoline

When it comes to kids' playtime, few things rival the joy and excitement of a trampoline. However, not all trampolines are created equal. Whether you’re considering buying one for your backyard or upgrading your current setup, here’s what to look for when buying a kids trampoline.

Safety features

Safety should always come first when selecting a trampoline for kids. Look for features like:

  • Safety net: A strong enclosed net that is durable and keeps kids safely contained from falls.
  • Spring pad: Ensure that the springs are kept covered and away from little fingers and toes.
  • Sturdy frame: Opt for a trampoline with a strong, rust-resistant frame that can withstand lots of fun and weather conditions.

Easy assembly

Some trampolines can be challenging to assemble, so choose one with clear instructions and manageable assembly requirements like the Jumpflex® HERO weld-free, bolt-free trampolines.

Bounce quality and springs

The bounce quality of a trampoline is crucial for enjoyment and safety. High-quality springs provide a responsive bounce without jarring, promoting smooth and deep bouncing and a safer jumping experience.

Warranty and customer support

A reliable warranty and responsive customer support team can provide peace of mind. It ensures assistance in case of defects or issues with the trampoline providing you with limitless fun.


Consider additional accessories that can be used with the trampoline such as slides, basketball hoops, water jets, and other accessories that can enhance playtime. It is a great way to get unplugged from devices and keep kids engaged.

A kids trampoline is a gateway to endless fun and adventure. When selecting a trampoline for your family, safety and quality should be top priorities. Assemble with care, then sit back and watch a kids trampoline bring smiles to kids faces and laughter to your backyard.