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Winterise your Trampoline

June 07, 2016

Winter is nearly upon us! Having experienced some really strong winds of late, it’s a great time for you to think about how to look after your trampoline over the messy weather months.

Here are some great tips on looking after your tramp over winter:

1 Secure your trampoline down using anchor kits. Anchor kits are a great preventative for sustaining damage to your tramp and other property. No doubt you have seen some pictures recently of trampolines coming to their demise from winds picking them up and hurling them through backyards, up trees, into houses, breaking windows and some really peculiar places! An inexpensive way to protect your tramp and property, not to mention all the rigmarole with insurance companies!!!

2 Use a winter cover, winter covers protect your trampoline from the elements and will help decrease weathering, wear and tear. A great way of protecting your tramp and ready for next summer or on when there is a rare fine day!

3 Keep your tramp clean, use a shoe bag! We have a solution for children to neatly stow away their shoes whilst playing on their beloved tramp. Shoe bags are a great idea to stop children jumping on the tramp with shoes (which wear on the jump mat), stops muddy prints all over the jump mat and keeps their shoes off the ground and tidy in a mesh pocketed pouch.

4 Remove your safety net and safety net support poles. Your safety net can act like a sail creating resistance and friction against the wind.

Disassemble your tramp until next summer or when you require it again.