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Anchor Down That Trampoline!

July 20, 2017

We’re sharing some preventative measures to ensure your Jumpflex Trampoline doesn’t take flight like Mary Poppins!!


No doubt you have seen some pictures recently of Trampolines coming to their demise and causing havoc in our community’s due to strong winds and severe weather. Trampolines act like a wing in windy environments and can be easily picked up and tossed into your house, fence, or neighbours property. There are some reports where Trampolines have travelled over 40 meters!!


Secure your trampoline using Anchor Kits

Jumpflex Anchor Kits are a great preventative from sustaining damage to your tramp or other property. It’s an inexpensive way to protect your property, not to mention all the rigmarole with insurance companies!!!

For those who live in a location where high wind speeds and where cyclones are the norm - some more extreme measures may need to be taken. To stop the net flailing about you can also drop this down onto the trampoline mat while the trampoline is not in use.

Please note, Anchor kits are just a preventative measure and aren’t a guarantee that your trampoline won’t still take flight. In high winds you will need to go the extra mile to keep your outdoor objects firmly on the ground.


Here are some other ideas:

Fill sacks with sand and place them over the feet to keep your trampoline weighted to the ground.

Tie your trampoline to fence or tree with strong rope or chains to stop it being able to leave your backyard

Drive waratahs or stakes into the ground and secure your trampoline to these.


If you have already experienced the wrath of Mother Nature and are in need of some replacement parts, please don't hesitate to get in touch.